Sustainable Sourcing
Through a streamlined supply chain and extraordinary processing capacity, Caris Pure Processing is able to consistently deliver our products across the country and around the globe. Caris Pure Processing has established itself as the premier poultry processing company and distributor in Chennai. We are committed to building partnerships with local poultry farmers and keeping the sourcing for our products as local as is possible. This commitment ensures a fresh product with the highest quality while adding stability to the the local market for small to medium-sized poultry farmers in our regions.

Sustainable Processing
Through state of the art production and climate control technology, Caris Pure Processing is able to process with very little waste. Our onsite rendering plant, water recycling, and vegetable poly-houses ensure that waste products are utilized in a productive and sustainable manner while adding more stability to other tertiary local production markets

Sustainable Distribution
We believe that happy customers are a vital part of a healthy business. We value our relationships, from our employees to our vendors and customers. We believe that mutual respect is crucial to the positive work environment we seek to build. The Caris promise is to exceed the expectations of our customers in the quality of our product and service, to strive for excellence and to seek to be a blessing wherever we have a presence. Caris’ distributors are independent business owners, and are earning attractive income and commissions. If you would like to become a Caris distributor, please contact us by phone or email.

Do you have any questions about our products? We would love to hear from you. Our customer care team is at your service!