Hygienic Standards

By integrating local farmers into a streamlined vertical supply chain, our chickens are farm fresh! Caris chickens are transported in our climate controlled refrigerated vehicles once they are processed in our cutting edge facility built with ISO standards, providing our customers with the freshest product. Introducing the first of its kind poultry processing technology from Korea, you will be sure to taste the difference!”


We have HACCP, FSIS, ISO 2000 – 2005 Safety certifications.


The Caris Pure plant layout and processing line has been inspected and certified in its installation and processing capacity by ” Halal India” as meeting Halal standards.

Quality Control

Our internal QC team performs hygienic tests of the birds before and after they are processed to ensure that each bird is in compliance with regulatory standards. Our products are placed in a temperature-controlled room until they are ready to be sent out for delivery in our own refrigerated trucks.