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Caris is proud to introduce cutting edge poultry processing technology from Korea for the 1st time in India!

Located just 70 km south of its sales and administration office in Chennai, Caris Pure Processing Company is utilizing the latest in modern poultry processing technology in their 11,500 sq/ft plant. Boasting a maximum capacity of 3,000 birds per hour, each bird is processed through stringent quality control and hygiene standards. In compliance with ISO, HACCP and Halal regulations, Caris is catering a vast quantity of birds to please the most demanding customers.

From the production line to the front door, customers are assured that the birds are in climate controlled facilities throughout the process. Through a streamlined distribution network, Caris is able to deliver a superior product at a competitive price.

Our Certifications


Food Safety

Food safety is of utmost priority to Caris as we pride ourselves in providing the public with a delicious and healthy product. We maintain food safety throughout the entire processing system. We work closely with our chicken suppliers, customers and food safety regulators to ensure that our consumers have a product that not only tastes great, but is also great for you.