Hygienic Standards

Caris Pure is proud to introduce India’s first automatic poultry…


We have HACCP, FSIS, ISO 2000-2005 certifications…


The Caris Pure plant layout and processing line has been…

Quality Control

Our internal QC team performs hygienic tests of the birds…

With passionate dedication to hygienic standards, Caris Pure introduces pure and fresh chicken processed to perfection!


Welcome to Caris Pure

Caris is the Greek word for GRACE, which serves as the foundational value for the company. Grace is the reality by which life and wholeness comes from death and brokenness. This business will be filled with vivid illustrations of this reality and will attempt to conduct business in such a way as to point employees, customers, and vendors to the transformative impact of grace upon individuals and communities as it is more fully understood and embraced.

‘Pure’ is synonymous with clean, an ironic description of a meat processing facility!This term reflects our commitment to a hygienic process and product that results in consumer confidence. We aim to restore cleanliness and purity to food preparation.

Our Mission
To provide our customers with quality poultry products, using advanced hygienic procedures to ensure a difference they can taste.
To be a positive contributing member of the community in which we do business.
Our Vision
Empowering Communities through Sustainable Business, Sharing Hope in Places of Great Need.
Our Mantra
Hygienic Processing – Taste the Difference!


I’ve always been extremely skeptical about eating chicken in India because of my numerous bad experiences with meat here. I was pleasantly surprised to find that I really enjoyed eating Caris Pure Chicken. It tasted fresh and, even though I usually have this problem, I wasn’t bothered by the smell of the chicken. It was very easy to taste the difference in the chicken provided by Caris Pure!

Sharon Pavitha
I recently ordered Caris Chicken in bulk for making biryani for a major function, my customers were really happy and got a good feedback, thanks so much for Caris group


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